The Future of Digital Events

A recent content marketing study by MarketingProfs showed that over 70% of  companies were doing webinars, but that most of these companies were producing them solely for lead generation.

In this conversation, Ann Handley and Brian Fanzo discuss how the webinar space has progressed rapidly in the past few months and how webinars are now being used more extensively throughout the marketing funnel — expanding beyond the lead generation construct into many different formats to many different ends.

Join them as they discuss new and inspiring ways on how to embrace tools and how to connect with prospects and customers.

Ann Handley
Digital marketing pioneer, writer and speaker, MarketingProfs

Ann Handley helps businesses stand out in a sea of same. She is the world’s first Chief Content Officer, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of 2 books, and has founded two multi-million dollar companies.
She is a partner in MarketingProfs, an education and training company that trains teams at the world's most distinct businesses — like Cisco, Shell Oil, Fedex, and Akamai. A recent inductee into the Content Marketing Hall of Fame, she is also an avid collector of old-school typewriters and is a Tina Fey Superfan.